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Welcome to ShowOffThis.com. One day two sisters on vacation sat in a little town in Arkansas and decided that they had a big problem! They were contemplating how they made more artistic accessories than they knew what to do with. They decided that since they both had the same problem they would combine their efforts to make a website where they could share their high quality hand-crafted items with the world. They got together on another vacation and found the best quality beads, yarn, sterling silver clasps, etc. and got to work. Now these two sisters -- Dri, who lives in Seattle, and Jill, who lives in North Carolina -- work from opposite ends of the country to bring a website full of fashionable hand-crafted art, jewelry, hats, and more to all of you who would like to Show Off this! So, we hope you enjoy and we would love to hear what you think!

Show Off This

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